As a kid, I used to tell my friends how my skin scales and sheds like a snake. It was intriguing, it made me interesting or so I thought. Several years down the line, I began to realize that it was no longer that much fun. I was becoming a woman, more conscious of herself, and it began to dawn on me that seasons of ‘scaling all over like a croaker fish’ was not normal. Then I heard I had dandruff, and that made some sense if you looked at my scalp. However, this itchy, scaly plaques weren’t dandruff. You don’t get dandruff on you face, arms, knees, feet or wherever it chooses to trouble you today.

It’s Psoriasis, and it became 20 times worse when I lived in London. So I finally had to see a GP, who gave me the news and plenty of steroids to go with it. Fortunately, my body has never really done well with unhealthy chemical compounds. All that Steroids just didn’t agree with me, I had scaly plaques the size of bar beach. This was the first defining incident that would eventually convert me into an Organic Lifestyle Enthusiast.

After plenty of research, Shea Butter, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree & lavender became my go to. Once anyone was coming to the U.K., you should see the mountain of Shea Butter that mummy dearest would send. Honestly, I have no clue how she ever convinced anyone to carry it. But they did carry it, and mixed with those essential oils, my skin started to achieve a semblance of normalcy.

Psoriasis is a Chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune, skin disease, with symptoms varying but not limited to red, scaling plaques of itchy, elevated skin affecting the elbows, knees and scalp. There are probably millions of Nigerians battling this incurable but non contagious skin disease. When it is not in remission, it is war!

For over a month now, it’s been war here o. Psoriasis War! Psoriasis can be initiated by certain environmental triggers, and stress highly aggravates it. Have I been stressed lately, most definitely. And this thing has been dealing with me walahi! It’s been an emotional strain as much as anything else, which wasn’t helping my stress levels, which needs to be kept down in this period.

How do I hold a skin care conversation with The Guzel Kadin community, especially the new/potential entrants? I realize though, it is what is, and my community is my community because there is a certain level of trust and transparency. I have concluded that this is an opportunity to educate, which is something we want to do a lot more of.

I’m much better now, maybe i’ll get some months of remission hopefully. Shoutout to @mosessentials. Sister held my hands, and her oils came through. If you are also dealing with psoriasis or other issues and would prefer the organic, holistic route, you should definitely get in touch with her (@mosessentials on Instagram/ www) for her oils.

Next article, we would get a bit more technical on the subject, and things that helped.